Powder, Chillia baba and the rest of the world...

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Among the many definitions of art and in this case music, two characteristics that are often found in musical practice are travel and dance. Powder is the name I took for this artistic exploration.

However, at the beginning I did not take this name, but Chilli Baba, the nickname given to me by the Indians after a long journey in India. Chilli: chilli, Baba: sir (I'll skip the why). But as cultural knowledge is sometimes reductive and biased, too many people related Chilli Baba to Baba Cool. While I am not vehemently opposed to Hippie ideas, there are some good things about them, I am however quite critical of this movement, and for a long time have not liked being locked into a categorisation. That's why I finally decided to change the name of this artistic experiment to Powder, in reference to a film with that word as its title. It's a film, with fantastic overtones, about difference and I recommend it to you.

Speaking of hippies, do you know the difference between baba cool and hippie?

First of all, you have to know that baba cool is an expression only used in France, unknown elsewhere and imported from India (by French people, therefore). The difference is that hippies share everything they have, whereas baba-cools share everything you have (I'll let you laugh...).

As egoism is for me a plague to fight, both in the world and against oneself, I could not continue to let myself be confused with "baba-coolism".

This path is undoubtedly one of the greatest that can be taken if one claims to have a spiritual path for oneself. There is no need to open one's chakras, to be in communication with God, Jehovah, Allah or Brahmā, it is just enough to have a relaxed sphincter when one has a poor outstretched hand in front of one and to satisfy one's request.

Anyway, I'm not going to give you a psalm or a verse or whatever. If you are here, apart from the fact that there is a chance that you are here by chance, it is because the music I compose brings you good moments to live, emotions, energy, impulse, desire...

So enjoy it, my works are freely downloadable, it's not a commercial strategy, it's a vision of the world, a sharing of culture. I am also opposed to the current copyright system, its iniquitous functioning and its mafia-like organs.

You won't find a press kit, like play with so-and-so, do such-and-such, and blah blah blah, look at my belly button how beautiful it is! The only thing that is really important is the music, if it transports you so much better, if not, well, maybe another time, because sometimes you are not available to listen to this or that music, or another time because I would have finally composed what touches you.


For years I have been using the Music Park website https://www.music-park.org to distribute my music. Music Park is the association of which I am at the origin and whose project is to create a distribution network entirely managed by and for musicians with a rather radical attitude towards the copyright system and the copyright management companies (SACEM, etc...) and the "system" in general, but also a way of seeing music, culture, the world and an appropriation of the digital tools where you can moreover take some information on this subject on the other site of the association https://www.music-park.org.

That's why I decided to create a website dedicated to my personal artistic project. Pushing further my reflection on the independence, autonomy and emancipation of artists, I created a site called Localise Music https://localisemusic.com, a site intended to be a crossroads for all artists' sites, so that a music lover can search according to several parameters, obviously the musical style first but also according to the year, the name etc. A simple site where all artists will be treated the same way (no voting with highlighting), free for the public as well as for the artists. There is just the possibility for an artist to put a photo, some parameters (styles, year of creation, country of origin, etc), a small presentation text, and above all and obviously the address of their website. Why such an initiative? Simply so that people can go directly to the source to access the music of artists without getting lost on sites like Spotify, Deezer or even Jamendo and others whose operation is far from satisfactory for artists, especially artists of lesser diffusion. I would advise you to research the salaries of Spotify's employees, which have increased extraordinarily, while most of the artists on this platform continue to have meagre incomes, except for the few artists in a strong position who have been able to negotiate directly with this platform. I therefore encourage all artists to have a performing site where their music is easily accessible, afterwards if they want to sell it or offer it as a free download that is another story in which I personally have made a choice thought for years.

While waiting for a new revolution in the music world, because for 30 years there are regularly, you can download my last album (double) which is called Ghost Forest.

See you soon!